• Castoreum glands STRONG TINCTURE 250ml naturale from Siberia Russia
250ml Castoreum glands STRONG TINCTURE 100% naturale from Siberia Russia
It is not a dietary supplement and drug.
STRONG TINCTURE Powerful natural immunostimulating.

It is a natural pharmacy without pills !!! Diseases of the internal organs: pyelonephritis, kidney stones, kidney failure, hepatitis and gastrointestinal tract; Sinusitis, SARS, influenza, abrasions, barley, sepsis, herpes (destroyed by viruses, fungi, staphylococci). When varicose veins use castoreum is accompanied by a decrease in swelling, pain relief, sealing the vein wall. It is used in thrombophlebitis within two weeks of pain and inflammation disappear gradually dissolves the clot and subsequently applying prevented the formation of new blood clots. For the prevention of joint disease is particularly effective to apply the preparation in the Russian bath or Finnish sauna.

Contraindications: idiosyncrasy of the product components, pregnancy. To clarify: castoreum BAA has never been and will not be. Also, it does not replace the drug prescribed by the doctor, they can not stop receiving, and should be applied in combination with each other. Generally castoreum used in the form of powder, tinctures, ointments - externally and internally. It is a unique natural substance has a restorative, rejuvenating, toning, immunostaining action. In addition castoreum used in cosmetics, having a rejuvenating effect, and in perfumery as an odor lock, natural flavoring. Castoreum famous for its healing properties since the time of Catherine II. It was used to treat all known ailments - from the usual hiccups before the deadly plague. Today beaver stream is not as popular in the fight against many diseases. This castoreum (castoreum) - is an aromatic substance produced by glands of internal secretion of the beaver. It consists of an essential oil, salicin, phenol and fats. Together, these components form a perfect combination of nutrients, normalize the work of the body. The range of application castoreum fairly wide. jet treatment is very effective for all body systems. Quality!!!

Our products are certified, which means that we have a guarantee of quality! The fact is that today the Internet, and other ads that do not offer a lot of high-quality raw materials under the guise of castoreum. Understand can not every buyer. Everyone wants to buy a beaver stream of high quality, since by its application the buyer should feel real and not a dubious health benefits. It substandard castoreum mined fishing, trap fishing, and not fire way bears underestimated therapeutic effect and insulting disappointment about the healing power of castoreum. Buying harvested properly, high-quality stream of beaver from us, you become a fan of it for years to come. A natural, universal, natural remedy treatments, such as castoreum, much better than modern synthetic means farmaindustrii offered us pharmacies.

The person you can help If you have a jet: A strong nervous system.
There is no SARS and the very word you are not familiar with is not state of stress and depression.
No chronic fatigue syndrome.
You will be happy to get up in the morning and run to work, and in the evening full of energy and vitality and do not know what else to do with themselves.
No problems with the nervous and cardiovascular diseases.
No urogenital diseases such as prostatitis, prostate adenoma, or as female gynecological diseases.
And most importantly, that long and you have not forgotten what a morning erection.
So you really do not need castoreum.

Application and dosage: As a precaution 1 teaspoon in the morning 15-30 minutes before a meal every day. Medical course- 1 tablespoon morning and evening for 15-30 minutes before meals every day for 3-4 months. The effect is noticeable from the very first days of admission.

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Castoreum glands STRONG TINCTURE 250ml naturale from Siberia Russia

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