Darsonval Carat DE 212, 4 nozzles included.

Darsonvalization - procedure that involves exposure to alternating electric current of low intensity but high frequency and voltage.

Today darsonvalization is one of the main methods of hardware cosmetology, deservedly deserved the respect of famous cosmetologists, dermatologists, surgeons and other specialists.

The advantage of darsonvalization is that it can help correct cosmetic defects (for example, pores, acne, cellulite, etc.) in a short time, stimulate hair growth and even slow down aging, smoothing wrinkles.

In a pulsed mode, an electric current contributes to the treatment of certain diseases of neuralgic natures, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, darsonvalization reduces the sensitivity of skin receptors.

For darsonvalization apply two methods. Contactless - the device attachment is at a distance of 1 to 5 mm from the body area being treated - suitable for wounds, ulcers, getting rid of acne, acne, etc. other diseases.

The device is safe and easy to use, has the function of adjusting the current and is equipped with 4 electrodes of different shapes.

Darsonval DE-212 KARAT is a portable device for local darsonvalization.

Darsonval DE-212 KARAT is used in medicine, cosmetology, dentistry, veterinary medicine. It is used for cardiac neurosis, peripheral nerve neuralgia, varicose veins of the legs and hemorrhoidal veins, anal fissures, consequences of frostbite, long-term non-healing wounds, stage 1 and 2 periodontosis, chronic gingivitis, vasomotor rhinitis, auditory nerve neuritis, pruritus or diabetes eczema, cerebral arteriosclerosis, migraine, Raynaud's disease stage 1 and 2. Most often used in cosmetic procedures - facial cleansing with acne, facial massage with aging skin, massage of the scalp, with seborrheic alopecia. Caution: if you use darsonval carat for medicinal purposes, it is recommended to consult a doctor.


Darsonvalization is called the impact on the skin of high-frequency sinusoidal alternating currents, which have a high voltage, oscillation frequency and low power. Darsonval Ultratek uses currents that technically correspond to the parameters of the standard darsonvalization developed by J.A. Darsonval. When using darsonval, a pulsed current is supplied to the skin surface, and due to the generation of ozone, a disinfecting effect is also achieved. Local darsonvalization is a procedure that helps with acne (comedones, acne, pustular inflammatory processes), hair loss (alopecia), varicose veins, and with the correction of any stages of cellulite.

Principle of operation

The housing is made of high quality plastic, glass nozzles. The device works on the network. It acts on the cells of the body through current pulses of high frequencies. The device can be used in two ways: contactless and contact. Contact electrodes come into contact with the skin, currents penetrate deep into the cell layers. With non-contact exposure, the nozzle detaches from the skin over the affected part. A spark charge forms that kills bacteria and burns inflammation.

It is important to observe a certain order during operation, to set the minimum voltage at the beginning and end of the procedure. It is necessary to handle the nozzles with care, disinfect only with alcohol, you can not boil them.

Main advantages

    ergonomic design
    4 nozzles
    high efficiency


    body material plastic;
    nozzle material: glass;
    White colour;
    food: from a network;
    voltage: 220 V;
    power: 120 W;
    pulse frequency: 100 Hz;
    pulse filling rate: 110 kHz;
    voltage n electrode working condition: 20 kV;
    current on the electrode in working condition: 0.2 mA;
    session time: 15 minutes;
    break time: 20 minutes;
    case length / diameter: 250/45 mm;
    nozzle weight: 20 g;
    instrument weight with attachment: 500 g


    Darsonval KARAT DE-212 with 4 nozzles (Darsonval KARAT DE-212);
    cavity electrode;
    electro-slingshot for the neck;
    comb electrode for head;
    mushroom electrode.



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Darsonval DE-212 KARAT Electrode Facial Skin Hair Care Home Beauty Machine 4 in 1

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